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About NexGen Aircraft Corporation

NexGen Aircraft Corporation is a young company started by three engineers and a businesswoman with the purpose of becoming an industry leader in aerospace. The companyís first product, the Banshee UAS, is currently under development with funding from the Air Force Research Laboratory SBIR office.

The company has significant engineering and manufacturing capability from performing conceptual design to building and flight testing an aircraft. We are an extremely agile team capable of solving complex problems quickly and efficiently. We go against the traditional engineering philosophy of adding numerous engineers to tasks. We believe in using minimal engineers on projects to increase productivity and eliminate unnecessary complications. Additionally, NexGen has the capability to support engineering efforts of any size.

NexGenís engineers have more than 50 years of combined experience in both production and rapid prototyping environments. Unmanned program work includes NexGenís Banshee UAS as well as Lockheed Martinís Polecat UAS, F-PASS, and Morphing Aircraft System. Some of the manned projects include the S-3 Viking, P-3 Orion, U-2, F-35 Lightning II, and Lockheed Martinís Advanced Composite Cargo Aircraft (X-55A). Engineering experience stems from larger companies including The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martinís Advanced Development Programs (Skunk Works), and Scaled Composites.

NexGen is located an hour and a half north of Los Angeles in Mojave, CA.